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Hoping to overcome her dependence on Soul, Maka becomes willing to face her fears of Soul being in danger. He finds the train, with an Arachnophobia agent and a Mizune sister joining the hunt for the tool. While the battle rages on the island where Brew is located, Maka, Black Star, and Kid attempt to find Brew, and encounter Mosquitoone of Arachne's foremost servants. Other Media. February 22, [1]. Black Star and Tsubaki are sent after the Uncanny Sword Masamunea demon sword and Tsubaki's brother who is attacking humans. Ox also takes Kilik's encouragement to heart, especially when it comes to going after Kim. DWMA holds a celebration on the anniversary of its founding.

  • Ox Ford (オックス・フォード, Okkusu Fōdo) is a top-class elite meister at Death Weapon He is a supporting character in both Soul Eater and Soul Eater Not! Due to his academic prowess, Ox is highly respected among his peers, and his logical thinking is often the subject of praise from the adults as well.

    He is also. Ox Ford is one of supporting characters of Soul Eater. Ox has a shaved head with two spikes of hair on the sides of his head, which he takes great pride in.
    The clown attempts to overwhelm Maka with madness, but Soul helps her in finding the courage to overcome her fear, vastly increasing her power and allowing her to defeat the clown.

    April 19, Medusa offers to lead a strike team into Baba Yaga's castle, Arachne's headquarters, and gives Shinigami the real Brew as a sign of good faith. Hidden categories: CS1 Japanese-language sources ja CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja Articles needing cleanup from May All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from May Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from May Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links Featured lists.

    July 29, [1]. Shinigami 's son, Death the Kidand his partners, Liz and Patty Thompsongo soul-hunting in an Egyptian pyramid filled with mummies, but all the souls they collect are confiscated after they accidentally destroy the pyramid. Asura encounters Shinigami, who has escaped his own confines and fights Asura unarmed.

    images soul eater wikia ox ford

    images soul eater wikia ox ford
    Soul eater wikia ox ford
    Crona and Ragnarok arrive and absorb all the souls on board the ship before retreating despite Kid's best efforts, but not before warning Kid about one of the DWMA's darkest secrets.

    February 28, [1]. April 19, Meanwhile, Maka and Black Star finally arrive on the moon and join to the battle against the Clowns before Kid's return with the witches.

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    Hoping to overcome her dependence on Soul, Maka becomes willing to face her fears of Soul being in danger. The manga initially began as three separate one-shots serialized between June 24, and November 26, in two manga magazines published by Square Enix.

    Image Gallery Anime Anime • Manga Manga Soul Eater Ox sneers at Maka Ox approaches The Eternal Cave Ox locates Excalibur Ox seizes Excalibur Ox meets.

    Chapter · Chapter 72 · Episode 33 · Episode 37 · Episode 31 · Episode 1 (​NOT!) Episode 1 (NOT!) Episode 51 · Chapter All items (65).

    images soul eater wikia ox ford

    #; A; B; C; D; E; F​. Ox Ford (オックス・フォード, Okkusu Fōdo) is a meister and honors student who attends DWMA's EAT class. He is a bookworm.
    The group begins navigating the book's seven chapters thanks to the Index's help, each based on the seven deadly sinsstarting with the first chapter "Lust", where the group members switch genders. November 22, [28].

    July 22, [27]. March 22, [29]. Ox attempts to search for Kim, whom he has feelings for, in the castle. The two make a good team when fighting together, being able to achieve a Chain Resonance with ease.

    He has also a love interest in Kim; he loves her dearly.

    images soul eater wikia ox ford
    The DWMA, with the death scythes remaining, Death the Kid, and two of the NOT class, is preparing to its most important mission: landing on the moon and get rid of the Kishin where Justin and his army of Clowns are waiting for them, while the Spartoi is going to Italy to find Crona at the place where Maka met him for the first time.

    images soul eater wikia ox ford

    Meanwhile, Maka accidentally overhears Crona talking with Eruka, realizing that Crona is a spy. Even when confronted by a brainwashed Kim who had joined Arachnophobia with JacquelineOx does not attack her, even when she tries to kill him, and manages to get through to her, promising her to make a place for her in the world where she will be accepted.

    As Anya and Meme convince her not to let his effort go to waste, she decides to spend the money out of appreciation for him, deciding to host at Deathbucks a celebration with her meisters and to let Ox about this party.

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    At the same time, Crona keeps murdering people with the power of mad blood under Medusa's orders. This is understandable as both characters are very serious and logical.

    However, Shinigami fails to defeat Asura, who escapes.

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    1. He finds the train, with an Arachnophobia agent and a Mizune sister joining the hunt for the tool. Elsewhere in the castle, Kilik fights alongside Ox with their weapons, and the final two castle locks are destroyed.

    2. Her experiments raise the ire of two witches, Eruka Frog and Mizunebut Medusa kills Mizune and threatens Eruka into serving her.

    3. After that, Shinigami creates a new DWMA elite squad called Spartoi, and Soul, after reobtaining souls, finally becomes a death scythe by eating Arachne's soul. Kim comments that their relationship has not moved forward sexually remarking Ox has not seen her naked when Kid barges in on her bathing in Shibusen shower room.