It looks like an inductor to me. It looks like its almost definitely the driver in this set. Find More Posts by ben7. With the light engine out its pretty straightforward. Thanks for the tip to try and make the present part last longer. Hi everyone, I just replaced my LED driver board. During one of its attempts to cycle on, I heard a faint fizzle sound from inside the TV, like a component letting the smoke out. PM me and you can send it to my email address.

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    images samsung hl67a750 led driver board

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    So at some point this weekend, I'm going to have to take the time to pull it all apart again, and check the motherboard and main PSU.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tiezane I think you'll find you only need to see the front of this board, to answer that question Do you remember seeing any flash of image before? Originally Posted by tom Will be pulling it out tonight to inspect. If both of those check out, that's going to mean it's the DMD board I just replaced the chip less than 12 months ago and that's going to mean selling this thing for parts.

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    That should pull off easy.

    It worked fine. That failed after 4 months.

    images samsung hl67a750 led driver board

    With the power to the DMD unplugged, it tries for 30 seconds or longer to come on. This would seem to be the LED Driver board, but this also seems correct. It's definitely not going to work without it.

    I had some burning plastic smell and my blue LED went out.

    Hi everyone, I just replaced my LED driver board. If this is true It makes mad that Samsung makes a TV that doesn't last five years because of a faulty desigh, then Samsung. I am in the same situation with my HL67A › › TV Boards, Parts & Components.

    images samsung hl67a750 led driver board

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    At the same time, while that light was flashing, the output to the P-SMPS was a steady V,when it cycled off, it would drop down to V. I noticed when i removed the LED Driver from the metal casing, the back side of the board appeared wet, as did the rubber seal that some of the components sat against.

    Questions via PM will not be answered. Now it is doing the startup process and blinking LED's routine over and over until eventually, for now, the picture comes on. Going to pull it apart again tonight and check it out, see if it was just my solder joint burning up admittedly, it was not by best work!

    Will be pulling it out tonight to inspect.

    Video: Samsung hl67a750 led driver board Samsung LED TV Won't Turn On No Power & Does Have a Standby Light Basic Troubleshooting TV Repair

    Samsung hl67a750 led driver board
    Instant smell of death and no power on. I tried to read the 12V lines on that connector, but they fluctuated so wildly, in time with the light on the board flashing, that I couldn't tell you any one solid reading.

    All times are GMT Any tips on how to solder that back on solidly? Mark Forums Read. Meh Edit: Its worth your while to take out the driver board just to inspect it.

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    1. Do you agree I should try to solder that inductor back on and see what happens? Yep, definitely.