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Differences in clinical manifestations and outcome suggested by some studies may in part be explained by differences in host immune status 9although not all studies have demonstrated these differences 4. Therefore, identified cases almost certainly represent an underestimate of the actual incidence of disease. West and K. Hoang, unpub. Several hypothesized disease movement models have been inconclusive. Finally, further genome efforts should be encouraged; information comparing the genetic makeup of VG I—IV lineages might hold the key to understanding the differences in niches, virulence, mating, and the ability to cause an outbreak. Cryptococcus gattii has emerged as a human and animal pathogen in the Pacific Northwest. Diagnosis of cryptococcosis frequently relies on direct microscopy, culture of clinical samples, or detection of cryptococcal antigen in body fluids. Washington State has recently initiated a surveillance system for human cryptococcosis cases www. In a susceptible host, the disease cryptococcosiscaused by C.

  • Spread of Cryptococcus gattii into Pacific Northwest Region of the United States

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    son Scot (Brittiny​); nephews Peter (Louisa) Norris and David (Teresa) Norris; Alberta February 3​, Calgary, Alberta Heinz Lemmer, beloved husband of.

    They raised their family near Linden Alberta, where he was Principal Calgary, Alberta It is with sadness we announce the passing of Peter Seidel.

    Alberta February 3, Calgary, Alberta Heinz Lemmer, beloved cattle operation through hard work and dedication to his animals and their husbandry.
    Although formal C. Presented at: 7th International Conference on Cryptococcus and Cryptococcosis; Support Center Support Center.

    Curr Infect Dis Rep ; 10 —65 Conclusions C. Conversely, the Vancouver Island minor genotype VGIIb is identical to fertile isolates from Australia and may well have originated on that continent 20 Galanis, L.

    images pieter alberda lemmer animal
    To date, many species of animals, including dogs, cats, ferrets, porpoises, llamas, alpacas, birds, and a horse, have been confirmed to have C.

    Although C. A rare genotype of Cryptococcus gattii caused the cryptococcosis outbreak on Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada. Hoang, unpub. Some areas may have transient colonization, with initially positive sites yielding subsequent negative results The average annual incidence rate of C.

    His research interests include pathogenic fungi and evaluation of host immune responses to these pathogens.


    The animals were sexually mature and of the same age. ; mountain sheep: Geist, ; dogs: Lemmer, ; guinea pigs: Reinhardt. Sixth International Workshop on the Biology of Lactation in Farm Animals Montréal, Canada Lely Industries NV, Maasland, The Netherlands Lemmer-​Fulwood Finally, we thank the boards of directors of the American Society of Animal J.

    Kennelly Canada University of Alberta Food and Nutrition Science Dante P. of Animal Production () and Fellow of the Association for the He came to Informa in from XL Foods Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, where he worked for 16 years in Lemmer. Elanco Animal Health. Mary.

    Spread of Cryptococcus gattii into Pacific Northwest Region of the United States

    Lessor. CL Ranches Ltd.

    images pieter alberda lemmer animal

    Peter. Wambeke. Diamond V Ranch. Richard. Wambeke. President.
    Although enhancing a multidisciplinary awareness of C.

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    Animal models of C gattii disease are necessary for studying the pathogenicity of genetically diverse isolates and host immunity, as well as to answer more fundamental questions about the disease. Emerg Infect Dis ; 13 —50 Clin Infect Dis ; 43 —80 This finding suggests either a change in the ecology and distribution of this organism, or identification of a previously unrecognized niche 23

    images pieter alberda lemmer animal
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    From the beginning of the C.

    In addition, 1 Washington resident with sarcoidosis received a diagnosis of C.

    The current count is 19 confirmed cases, as of May S. Burden of illness and risk factors for C.

    images pieter alberda lemmer animal

    Some standardization in the performance of molecular techniques for genomic research is required. Several hypothesized disease movement models have been inconclusive.

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    Eukaryot Cell ; 4 —38

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    1. A review of the travel history of these patients suggests in-state acquisition, although with the currently considered incubation period of 6 weeks to 11 months for C. Additional central repositories of C.

    2. Development of species-specific serologic tests would enable seroprevalence studies for a better understanding of epidemiology and disease mechanisms.