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Just how absurd would have that notion been? OK maybe a gokart instead. We are all capitalists today In a fairly recent post I identified the FOSS development model as just the beginning of a new approach to prioritizing outcomes and funding solutions. Context sensitive reasoning fluffy algorithms? But I fail to see how we could add selfprogrammed irrational and true random behaviour to a computer based on a the binary system. Vernor Vinge, 62, is a pioneer in artificial intelligence, who in a recent interview warned about the risks and opportunities that an electronic super-intelligence would offer to mankind. I can feel my average post score tanking right now.

  • AI Will Surpass Human Intelligence After – OSnews

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    Such frivolity. They can do only two things. The day we build a computer truly smarter than us, it should be able to build a computer smarter than it. Moreover, using vegetal oil on a big scale would need intensive agriculture wich also polutes the soil.

    PipoDeClown …. They also are formal language, as such ideal for computers.

    images opera mini 356 kbr
    Opera mini 356 kbr
    How do we ensure the continued availability of tangible and service commodities in a society devoid of a traditional asset-based entitlement mechanism?

    The more you make your program able to handle different situations or exceptions, the more smart it will look.

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    Firstly, we will all become fat trying to keep up the demand of used cooking oil, secondly, the oil has to be filtered to remove old bits of sausages and fish, or car pollution will be smelly. How flattering.

    AI Will Surpass Human Intelligence After – OSnews

    EliGottlieb The Singularity will come when the Messiah comes.

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    images opera mini 356 kbr

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    images opera mini 356 kbr

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    Most of the highly capitalized nations are in quite a bit of debt to the nations that are the least capitalist.

    Context sensitive reasoning fluffy algorithms? I do no not know how the Third World War will be fought, but I do know how the Fourth will: with sticks and stones.

    The Operation Completed Successfully! Globalization and the viability of intellectual property are changing our economics, and the businesses of today are charting a course toward unprofitability. In brief, while computing capacity and storage will inevitably increase to surpass humans, what is a soul and how are these machines going to get one?

    images opera mini 356 kbr
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    Some of you have no vision whatsoever.

    As for the choice between using land to for energy production or for food: there is exactly the same choice today using the load for direct or indirect food production: either food for humans or for animals eaten later by humans. Free market at its highest. Computers are limited. Why not do the sensible thing instead: Have a look at Intel roadmaps.

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    even engineering and other services though Halliburton and KBR).

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    HelbaDot All of this seems like a bunch of imaginative crap to me. RGCook Duly noted. The fact that he has written a couple of sci-fi stories should automatically discredit him or this theory? But artificial human like intelligence will need wider platform than computer no matter how fast it is.

    Quite literally in this case. So if history has tought us anything, is that now and again a revolutionary discovery is made, that changes everything in a particular field. And this famous singularity will probaby have nothing to do with computers as we now them.

    images opera mini 356 kbr
    Then came the jetplane, which was a revolution for the field of aviation, which then again gave us many evolutionary advances.

    Are we under God, are we gods, or are we mere clumps of stardust? All of our innovation is just crap being filtered by companies who are trying to make a buck off of everything. And besides logic it has layers and layers of different kind of reasoning, like emotional reasoning. As such, they require direction — guidance for application of their great power.

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    1. Not to mention that the current state of software is just pathetic. The point I was making to you is that not all the predictions made about future technology can be dismissed.