It was decided that N-Focus provided the best solution because of its pricing, functions, and easy-to-use features. Without an enterprise-level database solution, valuable data is missing from your call centre — especially with historical interval data. Although powerful, its web reporting module is limited. And the bad news is that CMS does not make this very easy. You can keep historical data for as long as you like — with no restrictions.

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    Avaya Call Management System (CMS) is an integrated analysis and reporting solution that resources. Increase performance, minimize costs or develop new or with previous releases for alarm purposes can be used with the current.

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    CMS. method in the Current Day Configuration window (see Current Day Configuration . forecasts when your agents begin handling a new type of call. q You may. Analysis Suite with Avaya Call Management System –. ODBC Interface and fetches the historical data provided by ODBC Interface of CMS. 2.

    General Test. Call Selection Measurement: current-wait-time Assign a new processor interface channel by entering the change communication-interface.
    With N-Focus Plus, reports can be distributed and displayed where you want it, including on your PC, mobile, tablet wallboard or support website. A migration to CMS involves a considerable time and financial commitment and is not the solution for everyone.

    Next on the list came a simple way to automatically distribute call centre reports for almost a quarter of attendees.

    When too few users have access to data within a contact centre, the decision making process for efficiency improvements can get delayed — and in some cases missed all together. Report display options N-Focus Plus allows you to easily and seamlessly display the data where you need it most. This can be a challenge to set up in CMS.

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    Reason one: limited access to data One of the objections we frequently come across from Call Centre Managers when they discuss reporting is the limited access to data from their current Avaya solution.

    With N-Focus, clients are able to quickly take advantage of the easy-to-use features and run a more efficient, cost effective call center right from the start. It helps us to continue improving our outstanding customer service our patients like and have come to expect from us.

    images new cms current analysis for avaya

    Real-time and historical reports can be displayed in graphical or tabular format, giving managers call centre wide stats on any Android or Apple device. N-Focus Plus, in contrast, makes is easy to schedule automatic report distribution for any report, to anyone who needs it in either Excel or PDF format.

    businesses are challenged to adopt new communication The Report Data Server simplifies analysis and reporting Avaya Call Management System (CMS​).

    Event Count Summary report description. permits you to add agents in new locations while maintaining centralized supervision to control costs.

    images new cms current analysis for avaya

    . Current and previous intrahour data on each CMS-measured agent, split/skill, trunk, trunk​.

    Avaya CMS Supervisor & SAS Need Help SAS Support Communities

    Avaya CMS R Administration - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text method to move the agents from the window for their current skill to a new.
    Posted by Paul Rufus on. Time wasted in a busy call centre environment means money wasted. If they can see what their expected wait time is before picking up the phone, they might chose to search for the answer to their question in your knowledge base or contact you some other way.

    Deeper into the webinar, Jon examines the benefits of providing mobile reporting for call centre supervisors and managers.

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    It is as simple as sharing a web address link. It was decided that N-Focus provided the best solution because of its pricing, functions, and easy-to-use features. NetLert has designed N-Focus Plus to be as easy to use and navigate as possible with an intuitive user interface which lets any authorised user to quickly create, run and distribute permission based reports using Avaya CMS data.

    New cms current analysis for avaya
    The initial install of N-Focus requires about MB.

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    N-Focus now provides a solution to all these situations and helps management create statistical reports automatically, eliminating the labor-intensive manual processes of the past.

    Server requirements and supported operating systems are similar to N-Focus:. It was decided that N-Focus provided the best solution because of its pricing, functions, and easy-to-use features. It is the Rolls Royce of Avaya reporting tools.

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    1. N-Focus Plus and N-Focus for that matter allows you to assign unlimited permission-based users to access the CMS data, create, run and distribute reports. Typically, organisations will have CMS power users who are able to create reports, but these individuals can quickly become overburdened with requests for information.

    2. You can also keep historical data with no restrictions, for as long as you need it. In short, any web-enabled device.

    3. Reason five: limited platform and PBX support Our final reason read frustration is the lack of support for Linux, VM environments or newer versions of Windows. Avaya CMS limits the number of ways data can be delayed on the performance of your contact centre.