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The evening meal at consisted of Red Cross food and the farmers' issue of soup, potatoes and gravy. Without it, it is doubtful that the majority of men could have finished the march. Limburg Limburg a. In the front and rear of each barracks was a urinal to be used only at night. In late September the camp was changed to a prisoner-of-war camp to house Polish soldiers from the September Campaignparticularly those from the Pomorze Army. They were taken captive about pm.

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  • images liste prisonnier stalag 2b

    Stalag II-B was a German World War II prisoner-of-war camp situated kilometres ( mi) Map of the Stalag IIB POW compounds. The camp sprawled over 25 acres (10 ha) surrounded by.

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    images liste prisonnier stalag 2b

    List of POW camps in Germany. Stalag IIB HAMMERSTEIN CZARNE en POLOGNE Camp de prisonniers de guerre en POMERANIE.

    Stargard. Oflag IIA Prenzlau. Oflag IIB Arnswalde. Oflag Il'C Woldenberg ' -□''-'. Oflag II D Gross-Born. Oflag HE Neubrandenburg. Stalag III A Luckenwalde.
    His name is in a long distinguished list of military service members, inclusive of mine, and two sons active duty Marines, father army, uncle army, great uncle army, nephew active duty and Captain Marines, father in law, Captain Air Force.

    Hill Coy L.

    He was transported to Sicily on February 3rdto mainland Italy on March 10thto Austria on March 14th and, finally, to Germany, on March 16th Westerwald D Hessen Reilly Charles.

    Ironically, while Hagedorn's captors were beating him and confiscating his Red Cross packages, back home in the United States, German POWs incarcerated in the Monte Vista Armory were treated well, local historians say.

    images liste prisonnier stalag 2b
    Liste prisonnier stalag 2b
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    Would be great if anyone knows anything about him, and could shed some more information on his time during the war. Pfalz D Rheinland-Pfalz 4.

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    I recommend others do this if they are similarly searching for information about a POW. When Russian troops liberated them in early May, "there were only about of us left. If you are enjoying the site, please consider making a donation, however small to help with the costs of keeping the site running.

    Liste officielle des prisonniers de guerre français: d'après les renseignements fournis Exemples d'adresse: Stalag I B, Hohenslein; Oflag III A, Luckemvalde.

    Kriegsgefangene in Deutschland am Beispiel des Stalag VIII A Görlitz. Görlitz: Viadukt ; Liste officielle no. 89 des prisonniers français.WYATT EARL J, ARMY, West Virginia, Returned to Military Control, Liberated or Repatriated, GERMANY, Stalag 2B Hammerstein (99 work camps in​.
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    When it was needed most it was never available.

    He landed on Salerno beach on September 9, Americans were billeted in a section of a large brick-floored barn.

    images liste prisonnier stalag 2b
    Pfalz D Rheinland-Pfalz 4. The average tour of duty on a farm Kommando lasted indefinitely.

    He was also ignored when the Army passed out postwar medals. The construction of the second camp, Lager-Ost "East Compound" began in June to accommodate the large numbers of Soviet prisoners taken in Operation Barbarossa. Namespaces Article Talk.

    Le Stalag IA, situé en Prusse Orientale, des camps de prisonniers de guerre.

    images liste prisonnier stalag 2b

    Un P.G. belge, du IIB, écrit: Cette liste, publiée dans son journal. He was released from Stalag IIB and returned to US control on 13 Apr and present in Camp Lucky Strike according to a list dated 24 Apr Avec Moi, René Tardi, prisonnier de guerre - Stalag IIB, Jacques Tardi concrétise un projet mûri de très longue date: transposer en bande dessinée les carnets.
    Retrieved 29 November Additional fences formed compounds and sub-compounds.

    Coy A. They were taken captive about pm. At they rode out to potato fields in horse-drawn wagons driven by "coldly hostile German farmhands" who would welcome the opportunity to shoot a "kriege. Weser D Niedersachsen

    images liste prisonnier stalag 2b
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    Stargard Szczecinski?

    It was hard for him to talk of his time there, and I have tried to find out as much as I can since his death in July of As a young man in the s, Paul worked in the Water Department in the C. Search original documents on Fold3.

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    The squad proceeded towards the bridge.

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    1. The year-old Army veteran survived some of the war's bloodiest battles, two years of starvation and slave labor in Nazi prison camps, and a grueling winter "death march" across Germany in the closing days of the war. He holds no grudge toward his farmer friends and family.