images leucophor bsb liquid metal

Sodyeco Penetrant EH Mod. Blankophor BSU liq. Very economical. Elisa Baron. Eganal UNI nonionic; equalizes strike rate of disperse dyes allowing for tone-on-tone build-up of shade. Paul Agra. Manish Singhal. Nipu Sen.

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  • Whiteness & brightness Archroma

    OBA -Uvitex 2BT Liquid ciba, OBA - 86/Uvitex BHT/UP - OBA -​ ciba, Blankophor BA - OBA Bayer, Leucophor BSB -OBA. offers 80 leucophor bsb liq products. Textiles dyestuff and chemicals basic blue 41 liquid CAS.

    with high quality. Bringing a new ecological focus to the field of optical brighteners, our ultra-​concentrated products from the Leucophor® range are not only free of urea and other.
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    Nesya Nooraidha Amin. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Dec 09, No or very low impact on thermo-migration behavior of dyed polyester during heat setting. Freddy Villegas. Also helps to eliminate "smoking" in heatsetting.

    Optical Brightners Plastic Paper

    It performs specially well on substrates made from polyester and its blends with other fibers.

    images leucophor bsb liquid metal
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    Harish Mehta. Does not contain formaldehyde. Fluorinated Surfactants Product is very suitable as a sewing lubricant for goods that are prepared for garment dyeing application.

    The most common class of chemicals with this property are the stilbenes and fluorescent dyes such as umbelliferone, which absorb energy in the UV portion of the spectrum and re-emit it in the blue portion of the visible spectrum.

    Sandoz Leucophor BSB Liquid.

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    Guidechem provides Sandoz (9CI) chemical database query, including CAS registy numberSandoz. Uvitex 2BT Liquid ciba Leucophor BSB -OBA Clariant Leucophor AP Clariant Leucophor PC – OBA Clariant.

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    Leucophor BSB (clariant) Powder/liquid Powder/liquid Liquid Optical brightener BBU OR FBA · LIQUID Optical Brightener ER or Fluoescent brightener.
    Optical brightening agents OBAsfluorescent brightening agents FBAs or fluorescent whitening agents FWAs are dyes that absorb light in the ultraviolet and violet region usually nm of the electromagnetic spectrum, and re-emit light in the blue region typically nm.

    Focus: Polyester and blends. Blankophor PSG liq. Nylofixan PMA Liquid anionic; fixative for acid dyes on polyamide fiber; excellent tolerance to acid pH.

    Bactosol CA Liquid bacterial enzyme for cellulosics in acidic conditions; improves surface appearance and hand; aids in achieving a stonewashed effect with less stones. Leucophor BSB Liquid anionic; recommended for cellulosic, nylon, wool fibers; blue shade; high substantivity and good migration properties make for high suitability in exhaust peroxide bleach application on cellulosics; applied in a hydrosulfite reduction bleach to nylon and wool; very high maximum white.

    Nuva DFA anionic; aqueous fluorochemical for water, oil and dry soil repellent treatment of nylon carpet; compatible with anionic stain release agents.

    images leucophor bsb liquid metal
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    Optical Brightners.

    Popular in Nature. Rezoanul Haque.

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    Nhung Noibara. Lyogen XC Liquid cationic; leveling agent for dyeing with acid, milling, and direct dyes; also suitable for stripping.

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    2. Ceranine K Flakes cationic; softener for all fibers; suitable for pad and exhaust applications. Related titles.

    3. A white surface treated with an optical brightener emits more visible light than shines on it, making it appear brighter.