Posted September 29, My AML is very much a team player and plays more like Pedro. It also opens space for the FBs to advance into on the flanks. They really don't have the kind of urgency and risk-taking that an attacking mentality enforces. This feature is not available right now. Reply to this topic Also, the left-back should be way more defensive or Alves should be more attacking. The left fullback is generally much more cautious with his runs.

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  • After much (and I mean much) tinkering with Barcelona's tactics on Here is a detailed guide of the Barcelona squad as of September › topic › the-barcelona-style-my-i. Counter: My own take on the Barcelona style is that is closest to the Counter Strategy in Football Manager than any other.

    When Barcelona get.
    You lot of wannabe managers!! How Messi did for you as a TQ? Busquets drops only when the opponent plays with two pure strikers eg. At liverpool he's scored nearly 30 goals and it's only at Christmas. You can try and replicate some mystical philosophy and it might be succesful, but your tactic being succesful in terms of winning doesn't mean it's a succesful replication of IRL Barca.

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    As they keep the ball so well, they can afford to press aggressively in defence without getting tired, even in hot conditions.

    images fm 2007 barcelona tactics

    It wood be awesome if someone was able to pull it off, though I don't think the ME would reat well to it. Jedi Council Forums. Anything that encourages this is required. No, create an account now.

    images fm 2007 barcelona tactics

    Still good in but not brilliant. The left fullback is generally much more cautious with his runs.

    FM Tactics Page. Barca Tactic. This tactic has only been tested with Barcelona but 2 league wins and 8 cup wins speak for themselves.

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    You need to good. Football ManagerTactics, Transfers and Team Discussion.

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    and finished second in the Premiership, and Barca asked how much I'd. If you are searching for Football Manager tactics, please take a look at FM tactics used in Nottingham Forest story.
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     Informationen zum Thema truefootballmanager.

    Posted October 1, However, set it at maximum anyway. If you have training tips that have turned your average squad into world beaters then we want to hear about it. They are the team which fills me with passion, they are the reason why I love football so much. Defending with a higher defensive line is useful, in my opinion, against a physically weak team low speed, low conditionyou'll need speedy defenders though.

    SportsHD Recommended for you. You have a tactical set up that giving you wins over Chelsea with Nottingham Forest then post it here.

    It is also down to the keeper and defenders having too great a tendency to boot the ball long or out of play when under minimal pressure. Can't be that bad. Balanced: Because their Barcelona get much of their width from the rampaging full backs while keeping the ball deep, the philosophical system that has the biggest differential between the full backs and the defence is the go to.

    I follow their matches very closely, so I will post some notes about their football.

    images fm 2007 barcelona tactics

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    1. This feature is not available right now. Not sure how stable it would be defensively, cos at times my team were all over the place, and the DMs do at times push too far forward causing the WBs to drop behind them which is a little silly but offensively it was good.