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A specific example is the Skaergaard intrusion in Greenland. The igneous complex is mostly granitic in composition, but this piece is a tonalite, possibly a cumulate of some sort. Embayed crystal of quartz in a dacite porphyry. This example, from the marginal border series of the intrusion, has augite enclosing plagioclase and olivine. Poikilitic texturein which one large crystal encloses many smaller crystals. The sulfide minerals generally form an interstitial matrix to a silicate cumulate. This sample of rhyolite also has strong flow alignment of the microlites. Cumulate Adcumulate Orthocumulate.

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  • images cumulate texture definition geology

    rocks are igneous rocks formed by the accumulation of crystals from a magma either by settling or floating. Cumulate rocks are igneous rocks formed by the accumulation of crystals from a magma either by settling or floating.

    Cumulate rocks are named according to their texture; cumulate texture is. He recommends that the classification of cumulate textures should be These are cumulates in which the intercumulus liquid crystallized in a. Wager, L.

    Cumulate textures SpringerLink

    R. and W. A.

    images cumulate texture definition geology

    Deer,Geological investigations of East Greenland, Part III.
    Most grains are about the same size. One way to infer the composition of the magma that created the cumulate rocks is to measure groundmass chemistry, but that chemistry is problematic or impossible to sample.

    The dark blobs that make up the sieve appearance are melt inclusions that formed during rapid, probably skeletal crystal growth. Sparks,The role of compositional convection in the formation of adcumulate rocks, Lithos 17, — Perthite exsolution texture, with irregular albite exsolution lamellae in microcline host crystals.

    The pillow margin quenched to glass, enclosing euhedral phenocrysts. Categories : Plutonic rocks Igneous petrology.

    images cumulate texture definition geology
    Investigating magma conditions of large layered ultramafic intrusions is more fraught with problems. Cumulate rocks, because they are fractionates of a parental magma, should not be used to infer the composition of a magma from which they are formed.

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    Thus, while Wager et al. Adcumulates are essentially monomineralic, although the growth boundary between the original cumulate grain and later adcumulus growth is recognizable. There are several phenocrysts of brown to green pyroxene, magnetite, and plagioclase. It is very rare but not unknown to see cumulate sulfide rocks in granitic intrusions. Cumulate rocks are typically named according to the cumulate minerals in order of abundance, and then cumulate type adcumulate, mesocumulate, orthocumulateand then accessory or minor phases.

    Slow cooling results in only minor undercooling (Ta), so that rapid growth and slow nucleation produce fewer Development of cumulate textures.

    a. Crystals. Textural Terms in Igneous Petrology.

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    Adcumulate - Cumulus crystals continue to grow and displace the intercumulus liquid. Example: Opx adcumulate texture. Petrology course, igneous textures, Union College Geology Department. Mesocumulate texture, in which liquid trapped between cumulate crystals was able to.
    The radial growth causes them to characteristally have an extinction cross, typically with the N-S and E-W directions being at or close to extinction.

    They have textures or mineralogy different than the surrounding material, and so are generally easy to spot.

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    Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Skeletal plagioclase phenocrysts in basalt, along with some of olivine, in a microcrystalline matrix. Dissolution is faster along crystal defects, which can give such crystals odd shapes.

    images cumulate texture definition geology
    Cumulate texture definition geology
    The foremost problem is that in large ultramafic intrusions, assimilation of wall rocks tends to alter the chemistry of the melt as time progresses, so measuring groundmass compositions may fall short.

    McKenzie, and S.

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    Hekla volcano, Iceland. Antiperthite exsolution texture, in which K-feldspar has unmixed from a plagioclase host. Embayed crystal of quartz in a dacite porphyry.

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    1. Such fine-grained TiO 2 is sometimes called leucoxene. If this were more slowly-cooled, the trapped liquid pockets would have crystallized into overgrowths on adjacent plagioclase and olivine, plus a few relatively large grains of magnetite, augite, apatite, and other interstitial phases.