images afc divisional playoff history

The Chiefs remain in charge of the AFC West but their grip is considerably looser after their loss in Tennessee, which allowed the Oakland Raiders to close within 0. This article does not cite any sources. Another disadvantage is that sometimes a team's geographical location can have a greater impact than their regular-season records. Graham also ran the ball in for three touchdowns. The Raiders scored the first 21 points of the game, the Chiefs then rallied for two field goals and then the Raiders scored 20 unanswered points to close out the scoring. Wide receiver Jimmy Smith caught five passes for yards.

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  • NFL playoff results is a listing of the year-by-year results of the NFL Playoff games to determine Head coaches by playoff record · AFC Championship Game broadcasters · AFL Championship Game broadcasters · NFC Championship Game.

    The NFL playoffs are a single-elimination tournament held after the National Football League NFL postseason history can be traced to the first NFL Championship Game inthough in the The two surviving teams from each conference's divisional playoff games then meet in the respective AFC and NFC Conference.

    Opinion: Top NFL players from HBCU programs. 08/28/ Female NFL team owners shed light on history in film 'A Lifetime of Sundays'.

    For ties among three or more teams, this step is only applied if there is a head-to-head sweep; i. New York Jets.

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    They also note that the team playoff system was implemented when the league only had 28 teams, four less than today. Opponents to expansion further point to the NBA playoffs and the NHL playoffs where more than half of the teams qualify for the postseason, and there is often a decreased emphasis on regular season performance as a result.

    While there is no consensus that this game was a real "championship" game or even a playoff gameit generated considerable interest and led to the creation of the official NFL Championship Game in The Bills took it to the Raiders defense for yards of total offense, while the Raiders managed

    images afc divisional playoff history
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    For the seasona third wild-card team for each conference was added, expanding the playoffs to the current twelve teams. After the playoffs saw two wild-card teams with better records Jacksonville Jaguars and eventual Super Bowl XLII champions New York Giants go on the road to defeat division winners Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneersrespectively during wild-card weekend, the NFL explored another proposal to change the playoffs so that the team with the better record would host the game, even if that meant a division winner went on the road.

    NFL Playoff Bracket AFC, NFC Teams Ranked after Week 10

    Cincinnati Bengals. Lewiston Morning Tribune.

    images afc divisional playoff history

    The Raiders beat the Chiefs behind Daryle Lamonica, who was on fire with five touchdown passes. The Bills won the second half as well,

    Playoff Record Summary. All-Time Playoffs: 57 Games, Wild Card Round: 8 Games, Divisional Round: 22 Games, Conference Championship.

    NFL playoffs schedule, bracket Full playoff picture, coverage, Super Bowl LIII

    Playoff Record Summary. All-Time Playoffs: 47 Games, Wild Card Round: 13 Games, Divisional Round: 19 Games, Conference Championship.

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    As of the year the Patriots have made the playoffs 16 times, winning the Teams ranked by playoff appearances in NFL history (as of playoffs)*.
    The Giants rushed for yards, while the Bears managed 67 yards on the ground. The playoff structure used from to was considered inequitable by some because of the number of times it failed to match the teams with the two best records in the championship game, as only the conference winners would qualify for playoff contention.

    images afc divisional playoff history

    The lowest-seeded division winner was then "demoted" to the wild-card weekend. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Elway completed only 10 of 26 passes, while Montana completed 22 of 29 for yards.

    • NFL playoff appearances by team Statista

    images afc divisional playoff history
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    Would it be a point win? Lions quarterback Tobin Rote threw four touchdown passes and also scored on a running play. The overall franchise records are shown in the last table. Given the interest of the impromptu "championship game", and the desire of the league to create a more equitable means of determining a champion, the league divided into two conferences beginning in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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    1. For the NFL seasonthe NFL expanded to 16 teams, and split its two conferences into two divisions each, with four teams in each division.

    2. Inboth games were played in the Pacific Time Zoneso they had to be played on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate for time differences.