images 1973 nova custom specs

Today, only seven units are registered and known to exist. Chevrolet's compact models were headed into the front-wheel-drive age and forNova's place in the lineup would be taken over by the new and very different Chevrolet Citation. The new Nova was a rebadged and mildly restyled Japanese market Toyota Sprintera model sold in Japan as a badge engineered version of the Toyota Corolla. Fuel tank capacity increased to 21 gallons, which required a redesigned trunk pan where a circular section was stamped to house the space saver spare tire used on hatchback models. Engines started with the standard horsepower cubic-inch six. One notable change was the front subframe assembly — as compared with FordChrysler and AMCin whose cars the entire front suspension was integrated with the bodyshell, a separate subframe housing the powertrain and front suspension similar to the front part of the frame of GM's full-sizefull-framed vehicles replaced the earlier style. All Chevy II engines featured overhead valves.

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    All Chevrolet (USA) Nova Custom Coupe versions offered for the year with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars. Chevrolet Chevy II-Nova 3rd generation catalogue.​ The following versions and sub-models of Chevrolet Nova Coupe were available in ​ Chevrolet Nova Coupe Turbo-Thrift (man.

    Chevrolet Nova - The Chevrolet Nova gained a trendy hatchback body A dressy Custom series joined the Nova line and a Custom hatchback listed for Weight range (lbs.) Price range (new), Number built. Nova, 3,​3,
    Sold as a Police Pursuit Vehicle.

    images 1973 nova custom specs

    At introduction in the fall, the hardtop coupe was missing in the lineup, contributing to a loss of sales as well as showroom appeal. The car was of semi- unibody construction having a bolt on front section joined to its unitized cabin and trunk rear section, available in two-door coupe and four-door sedan configurations as well as convertible and station wagon versions.

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    The two-speed Powerglide was still the only fully automatic transmission available with most engines, as the more desirable three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic was only available with the largest V8 engines. Today, only seven units are registered and known to exist. The Chevrolet Chevy II and Nova were updated with cleaner front-end styling courtesy of a fresh full-width grille with new integrated headlight bezels.

    Turismo Carretera.

    images 1973 nova custom specs
    The Chevrolet Nova nameplate returned in spring as a front-wheel drive subcompact vehicle for the to model years.

    The LN Luxury Nova package which was the top luxury trim similar to the Caprice and Malibu Classic sent Nova into the luxury portion of the compact market; some actually thought of it as competing against a few high-end European imports.

    Nova production moved to Norwood, Ohio, where it would be assembled alongside the Camaro. The ride is soft and pleasing, but not seasick-soft with the constant pitching and rolling that some cars have.

    images 1973 nova custom specs

    Bucket seats wore textured vinyl trim, and the dashboard held ammeter, oil pressure, and temperature gauges.

    The Chevrolet Chevy II/Nova was a small automobile manufactured by Chevrolet, and .

    A dressy Custom series (which became a mid-level trim package in ) joined the Every Chevrolet Nova got side guard door beams and additional Novas and all cars were fitted with a weight sensitive relay within the. The style of the Nova was the result of a major redesign, and Chevrolet introduced the new hatchback two-door coupe.

    The front and rear.

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    The Nova introduced a hatchback body style based on the 2-door coupe. The front and rear of the Nova got a restyle with new government mandated.
    Peachtree made '68 and '69 Novas in detailed scale. Motor Trend tested a bhp, two-barrel SS with Powerglide, recording 0 to 60 in Unlike the Corvairthe Chevy II was deliberately never intended to be revolutionary in concept or execution; its mission was to give Chevrolet buyers a simple, back-to-the-basics compact car.

    Front-door armrests were redesigned with integral pull bars. It lost a court case with GM Vauxhall over the use of the name, after it was shown that GM's Chevrolet had a prior claim.

    Chevrolet Nova Custom Coupé Manual, hp,

    Additional options were included on these Nova-like models, such as lighting under the dashboard and in the glove compartment.

    images 1973 nova custom specs
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    Chevrolet's compact models were headed into the front-wheel-drive age and forNova's place in the lineup would be taken over by the new and very different Chevrolet Citation.

    The Acadian line was now down to six models; 7, Acadians were sold in Three engines and four transmissions were available for every Chevrolet Nova, including Concours.

    Chevrolet Citation compact model Geo Prizm subcompact model. Concours models had an upright hood ornament, bumper guards, bright trim moldings, black bumper impact strips, and full wheel covers; more-basic Novas came with hubcaps.

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